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Fully Automatic Balers

Fully automatic recycling balers are ideal for large producers of recyclables looking to efficiently and easily produce mill size bales. ​ The BaleTainer® is designed from the ground up and is unlike any other baling machine on the market. Combining fully automatic operation with the latest technology and innovative solutions. ​ The models unique design allow for concern free loading with it's huge hopper and integrated swing arms, feeding material through in to its press chamber with an integrated rotor system. ​ The BaleTainer® can be loaded with huge quantities of recyclables by hand, chute, tipper, conveyor or forklift from either ground or dock levels without the need for automatic self sufficient loading systems (such as conveyors). ​ Load large cardboard packaging such as octabins and cardboard pallets can easily be thrown in without pre-shredding and will be scooped into the path of the rotor. ​ These models are typically used within manufacturing, distribution, retail, waste stations and recycling operations.

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